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Rambo Foliar Fertilizers

Rambo series make MDA in cell membrane decrease to reduce the oxidative stress in the plant cells. Rambo series allow the cell membrane integrity by inducing disease-resistance factors and achieve hormone balance. Rambo series are especially effective on drought-resistance ability. Within 1 hr., it can reduce the cytoplasm of extravasation to maintain moisture in the plant cells.

We also add Chitin which has an affinity for all cells. By adding chitin, Rambo series can activate cells, accelerate crop repair. It can also hedge against the occurrence of disease, keep crops healthy and improve the yields of crops.

RAMBO Organic Fertilizers

The three elements of special micro-technology to produce fine particles and plant growth must be a variety of elements, is to enrich the plant leaf fat content of the ideal plant nutrients. Made of plant raw materials, rich in organic matter, fertilizer absorption and utilization of high, when the crops suffered pests and diseases, can help its rapid recovery. Leaf spraying is fast and efficient, and the absorption rate of soil is good. In a short period of time to make the plant growth and reproductive balance between the best state.

All-round nutritional supplement formula to promote the plant root Zhuang Ye Wang, increase the resistance to disease and adversity.

RAMBO controlled release fertilizer

Fertilizer burn is not a problem even at high rates of application .Fertilizers are released at a slower rate throughout the season; plants are able to take up most of the fertilizers without waste by leaching .Less frequent application is required. Uniform particle size allows easier and precise mechanical distribution. Flexibility of release periods from 40 to 360 days at 25℃

Truly a controlled release fertilizer. Increased yield in ryegrass and clover production. Constant production of ryegrass and clover with no tapering off due to constant supply of nitrogen. Easily applied to the field using existing equipment. With lower dosage required, lower application costs incurred. Blends well with other fertilizers. Less nitrogen loss from volatilization and leaching. Reduced impact on the environment. Reduced stress on the farmer.


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