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Plant Functional Nutrient Agent (V) +NPK


PRODUCT_CATEGORY: Chemical fertilizer
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Main components inside Plant Functional Nutrient Agent (V) are essential amino acids and NPK to provide full range of nutrients plant needed for growth. Trace elements, vitamins and organic matter also available to stimulate plant growth and improve nutrients intake for plant. Provided balance nutrient for plant can enhance leaves and roots growth, greener leaves and reducing fruit drops, increase fruit size, better fruit colors and improve flavor, extend shelf life, reduce drought stress and improve immunity against rain season.

  • Shake before use
  • Best time to use: Before 8am morning or after 4pm afternoon.
  • Seedling 15~20ml/20L (1:800 – 1:1000)
  • Adult 30~40ml/20L (1:500 – 1:700)
  • Can mix with any acidic fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides
  • Don't mix with alkaline pesticides or fungicides or herbicides.
  • Use once every 15 days
  • Protection from drought or rain stress and to ensure healthy plant growth.