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Plant conservation complex No.1(Soil)

Raw material

Sugarcane extract, water

Main effects

  1. Decomposition of protein into amino acids for plant absorption and utilization
  2. Secretion of organic acids and enzymes, to promote plant flower bud differentiation and increase the flowering rate
  3. Improve nutrient availability, reduce nutrient loss
  4. To increase soil humus, improve soil structure

Product Category: Chemical Fertilizers
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◎ crops when sick
Foliar spray: 25ml ~ 65ml / 20L (1: 300 ~ 1: 800) times spraying foliar, once every 5 to 10 days.
Soil watering: Dilute 65ml / 20L (300 times) for watering, once every 7 days,
After 3 times to see whether the plant is recovering, use 1-2 times a month after healing.
◎ normal maintenance use
Foliar spray: 25ml ~ 40ml / 20L (1: 500 ~ 1: 800) foliar spray foliar, once every 10 days.
Soil watering: dilute 40ml ~ 65ml / 20L (1: 300 ~ 1: 500) times for irrigation, use 1 to 2 times per month.


100ml, 1L / bottle


  • This product can decompose protein into amino acid for plant absorption and utilization, and promote the growth of crops and roots.
  • Secretion of organic acids and enzymes to promote plant flower bud differentiation and increase the flowering rate, to achieve Paul Paul fruit and increase production.
  • Improve the formation of soil aggregates, improve nutrient availability and reduce nutrient loss.
  • Increase soil humus, improve soil structure, solve long-term application of fertilizers caused by soil acidification, saltation and compaction problems, improve fertilizer utilization.
  • To create the organic soil environment, increase organic organisms, protect the soil.