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Plant conservation complex No.3

Raw material

Sugarcane extract, water

Main effects

  1. Contains macromolecule compounds to enhance the crop's resistance 
  2. Improve the protection of crops against common bacterial diseases
  3. Decrease attack of nematodes, promote root development
  4. Increase the flowering rate, increase production

Product Category: Chemical Fertilizers
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Seed Soaking:
20ml / 20L (1000 times) soaking seeds 12 to 24 hours after sowing, (depending on the seed may be)
Foliar spray:
25ml ~ 40ml / 20L (500 ~ 800 times) with foliar fertilizer or pesticide control, once every 7 to 10 days. (Seedling spray diluted 800 times)
Soil irrigation:
40ml ~ 70ml / 20L (300 ~ 500 times) After planting or with top dressing, irrigation once or twice a month.


100ml, 1L / bottle


  • This product contains macromolecular complex, which can enhance the repellent effect of crops on insects such as Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, spider mite, whitefly, thrips, etc.
  • Improve crop protection against common bacterial diseases, fungal diseases, soil-borne diseases, vascular disease, disease during storage
  • Reduce the root canal nematode hazards and promote root development
  • Increasing flowering / prolonging flowering / reducing falling flowers and fruits, increasing yield


Shake well before use, please use up as soon as possible after opening, keep the unused product sealed, Belging bottle, sediment and white floating matter is normal phenomenon.