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Liquid Calcium fertilizer

Guaranteed ingredients

CaO ≥ 20%, adding PMMA component

Product Features

An excellent calcium product, made from pure calcium, has a high calcium concentration. Sprayed onto the foliage and fruit surfaces of the crop and is rapidly absorbed, and can prevent various physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency and have a role in promoting crop growth

Product Category: Chemical Fertilizers
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◎ Fruit tree 15ml ~ 20ml / 20L (1: 1000 ~ 1: 1500) times,
10 to 15 days / time, small fruit, is the best time to use.
◎ Leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables 15ml ~ 20ml / 20L (1: 1000 ~ 1: 1500) times,
10 ~ 15 days / times
◎ Flowers 20ml / 20L (1000 times), spray 15 times a day
If you encounter heavy rain, the dilution factor 25ml / 20L (1: 800) times


100ml, 1L / bottle


Calcium are essential nutrient for flowers and fruits. When plant having calcium deficiency will lead to fruit cracks and incomplete fruit formation. Due to most of the soil pH in Malaysia is acidic, plant easily suffer from calcium deficiency. Most calcium fertilizers in market are alkaline and contained more than 150of Nitrogen. Luo Bang Liquid Calcium Fertilizer contained 4% on Nitrogen, 20-25% CaO and Boron and it’s acidic. Alkaline fertilizer cannot be used together with fertilizer, pesticide and fungicide as sediments will occur as chemical reaction happens. Liquid Calcium fertilizer is acidic which are safe to use together with other fertilizer, pesticide and fungicide. Usage Method