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New Phosphate Fertilizer NPK 5-24-0 + Mg

    Total nitrogen ≧ 4~5%
    Available phosphorus ≧ 20~25%
    Magnesium oxide ≧ 6~16%

This product is not water soluble but when contact with roots as malic acid from roots able to dissolve and phosphorus is absorbed instantaneously. Magnesium also available in this product can improve photosynthesis, increase crops quality, reduce plant stress. Safe from root burn, long lasting nutrient availability.

Product Category: Chemical Fertilizers
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  1. Field use: Use as base fertilizer, furrow fertilization or circulate fertilization in the root, 2-5 kg / mu.
  2. Nursery: When changing the basin direct spread in the plug plate, 2 grams / plant.
  3. Colonization: directly stick in the plant roots, 2 grams / plant, planted in the field.


5Kg / tub


Phosphate fertilizer (P) is an important element in promoting root development. Generally, phosphate fertilizer (root-opening agent) can be dissolved in water. If there is not enough organic matter in the soil and the soil is acidified, the phosphate fertilizer is not easily released to the plants for absorption. Part of the phosphate fertilizer will be locked by the soil can not be released or lost, plant roots are underdeveloped, plant growth is not healthy. The characteristics of this product is that the phosphate fertilizer dissolves only in (water) and does not dissolve in water. Phosphorus effectively increases the root number of plants. This magnesium phosphate (Mg) can promote photosynthesis, enhance the quality and enhance the resistance of crops, Fertilizer effect for a long time, and reduce the amount and frequency of phosphate fertilizer, fertilizer safety does not hurt the root