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NPK20-20-20 Soluble Fertilizer (powder)

Balance NPK20-20-20+TE

According to the proportion of customer needs to make adjustments

  1. Using imported high-quality raw materials, carefully prepared.
  2. Multi-nutrient, completely soluble, suitable for drip irrigation systems.
  3. Add a variety of nutrients, improve quality and increase production.

Product Category: Chemical Fertilizers
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Leafy seedling stage:
diluted 20g / 20L (1: 1000) times, growth period: 25g / 20L (1: 800)
Fruits and young fruit period:
diluted 20g / 20L (1: 1000) times, growth period: 25g / 20L (1: 800)
Tree fruit trees diluted 35g / 20L (1: 600) times
Specific usage dosage according to different crops and time adjustment.
Spray every 15 days ~ 30 days (depending on plant growth supplement)


1 kg / bag


  • The product uses imported high-quality food-grade raw materials, carefully prepared from the needs of plants.
  • Multiple nutritional preparations, fast and completely soluble, suitable for drip irrigation system
  • To add balanced plant nutrition, improve fruit, leafy vegetables, leafy vegetables, increase production.
  • This product is suitable for the growth of plants used throughout the period, allowing plants to grow fast, healthy strains, pests and diseases.
  • This product in addition to a large number of elements NPK, it also contains other trace elements


  1. Can spray together with majority of pesticides; avoid mixing with strong acid and alkali agents
  2. Avoid spray under high temperatures
  3. Storage and transport: store in dry and cool place.


Organic fertilizer grape cultivation

Use water soluble fertilizer potassium type

The left is our product, the right is grown in the traditional way compared with our organic growing plan.

Chengcheng County cherry experiment

Not used RAMBO fertilizer leaves, poor appearance.

Used cherry trees, the leaves are still full of vitality after picking the fruit. Leaf thick, large foliage, bright green color!

The right is the experimental group, the left is the control group, the leaves slightly yellow color, the new branches short 10 to 20 cm.


Application of spinach effect

Apply RAMBO fertilizer to emerge neatly. Use of other brands of fertilizer, irregular, uneven growth.